Police Assault & Battery Claims

We are a team of highly-experienced, professional solicitors skilled in handling police misconduct claims. If you have experienced police misconduct, whether police assault and battery or false imprisonment, we can help you take civil action against the police. To learn more about the claim process at TDP Solicitors, please call us at 0151 242 5111.

What are police assault claims?

The police have the right to use a reasonable amount of force under certain circumstances including self-defence, and if the suspect attempts to escape. However, if you were physically attacked or threatened by an officer/s, you may be able to claim police assault, also known as police battery and excessive force.

If the police used reasonable force, but the arrest was later deemed unlawful, you may be eligible to claim police assault and battery, as well as wrongful arrest. 

If you decide to sue the police for police misconduct, you can put police assault and battery as a “head of claim.” there are other heads of claim you can put forward, such as false imprisonment,  negligence, and more. 

What are examples of police assault and battery? 

While each case is different, those who have experienced police assault and battery have reported the following:

  • Being struck with an officer’s baton/hands
  • Being tasered unnecessarily 
  • Sprayed with CS gas
  • Inflicting further force when the arrestee is already handcuffed
  • Using physical force that results in an injury

How do I prove police assault and battery? 

To prove police assault and battery, you typically need to do the following:

  • Seek medical attention

If you have any injuries from the incident, seek medical attention immediately. This will document any injuries you sustained from the assault.

  • Gather evidence

Collect as much evidence as you can from the incident. This includes taking photographs of your injuries, gathering video footage of the incident, and getting the contact information of any witnesses who saw what happened.

  • File a police report

Despite the irony, filing a police report is important for documenting the incident, and it can also serve as a legal record of the incident.

How much can I claim?

The amount of police assault and battery compensation you are entitled to will depend on various factors, including the specific circumstances of the case and the extent of damages suffered.

To better understand how much police assault and battery compensation you could be awarded, contact a skilled solicitor experienced in dealing with police misconduct claims. The team of experts at TDP Solicitors are always on hand to help; we promise to always act in your best interests and provide you with the quality of service you deserve.

What’s next? 

If you have experienced police assault and battery and want to discuss your potential case, please contact us at TDP Solicitors at 0151 242 5111 for free, confidential advice. We can’t erase the wrongdoing, but we can help you seek justice.