Police Sexual Misconduct Claims 

At TDP Solicitors, our team are highly skilled in dealing with police misconduct claims; if you have been subject to police misconduct, whether police sexual misconduct, false imprisonment or police battery and assault, we can help you take civil action against the police. To learn more about the claim process at TDP Solicitors, please call us at 0151 242 5111.

What are police sexual misconduct claims?

The purpose of the police is to maintain law and order in the community, protect citizens from crime and danger, and improve the quality of life in society. However, more and more cases of police abusing their position of power are coming to light. Police sexual misconduct is an example of this abuse of power.

A high-profile case in recent years was the murder of Sarah Everard by police officer Wayne Couzens. Since this story circulated in the media, there have been several investigations into the Metropolitan police for misconduct taking place. If you have been raped, sexually assaulted, sexually harassed, or stalked by a member of the police, you can put forward a police sexual misconduct claim and potentially receive compensation.

What are some other examples of police sexual misconduct? 

The following list gives examples of police sexual misconduct investigated by The Met: 

  • Grooming a minor 
  • Inappropriate relationships with members of the public
  • Sexual assaulting a member of the public whilst in custody 
  • Inappropriate touching during a search 
  • Rape
  • Harassment 

How do I prove police sexual misconduct? 

To prove police sexual misconduct, you typically need to do the following:

  • Seek medical attention

If a member of the police has sexually assaulted you, seek medical attention as soon as you can. This will document any injuries you sustained from the assault.

  • Report the incident

As ironic as it sounds, you must report sexual misconduct to the appropriate authorities. This can be done by contacting the police force’s professional standards department, the Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC), or a local police station. 

  • Gather evidence

Collect as much evidence as you can from the incident. This includes taking photographs of your injuries, gathering video footage of the incident, and getting the contact information of any witnesses who saw what happened.

How much can I claim?

Every police sexual misconduct case is different, and the amount of compensation you could be awarded will depend on various factors, including the severity of the case and the extent of damages suffered.

To better understand how much police sexual misconduct compensation you could receive, contact a skilled firm of solicitors experienced in dealing with police misconduct claims for advice.

What’s next? 

At TDP, we understand police sexual misconduct is both sensitive and upsetting; we will hold your hand through the process and make sure you feel comfortable at every stage. If you have experienced police sexual misconduct and want to discuss your potential case, please contact us at TDP Solicitors at 0151 242 5111 for a free, confidential chat. We can’t undo what happened to you, but we can help you seek justice.